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Recent Developments
In today’s world, all processes and content are becoming digital, mobile, and virtual. Just think about the difference between traditional photography and digital photography or buying records and downloading digital music. As this shift occurs, people need easy access to all types of information and services wherever they are, whenever they need them. To help meet this need, HP is focusing its R&D efforts on four critical areas — rich digital media, mobility, management software, and security.
Specifically, HP is driving the next wave of mobile productivity with its leadership in public and wireless local-area networks (more than 2,900 Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide) and by applying imaging software, drivers, and Bluetooth printing technology. HP is also focusing on Internet-protocol (IP) telephony for voice and video communications, driving cost savings for service providers and consumers alike.
Not only does HP develop the market-leading devices people use to create and access digital content, but it also offers software that helps them easily manage and store digital assets. On an enterprise scale, HP provides management software technology, people, and services to orchestrate a tight linkage between business processes and the underlying technology infrastructure.
HP’s contributions in security help business customers stay up and running securely, while continuing to protect consumers’ privacy by participating in Safe Harbor, the de facto global standard for enabling the safe and legal transfer of personal data across national borders.
In addition to these areas of innovation, HP Labs continues to research future-looking technologies such as nanotechnology. Its work in this field has netted four key patents (issued to HP and UCLA).
In 2002, HP launched a major global brand campaign with the tagline, “Everything is Possible.” It’s more than a slogan — it’s been a company credo for more than six decades. Today, HP operates on the belief that the future is never made by cynics and doubters. It is only made by people who believe that everything is possible.
To communicate this message, HP launched a new cross-company initiative, Operation One Voice, to align and streamline all marketing, communications, user interfaces, and product design to help achieve a world-class integrated brand for HP. It also instituted 22 “tiger teams” to help implement a new look and feel as well as process improvements across HP’s marketing and communication mix, extending to every customer touchpoint and all expressions of the company, resulting in a 360-degree branding experience. The “Everything is Possible” campaign was recently named 2003 Campaign of the Year by Creativity magazine.
Brand Values
For six decades, HP has been a company of innovators, entrepreneurs, and responsible corporate citizens. Today, HP still attracts great people, partners, and loyal customers. They are drawn to HP because values matter.
Great brands are about winning both hearts and minds. HP’s ambition, to become the world’s leading technology company, requires touching a deeper chord with customers — an emotional chord, one that addresses their deepest motivations and aspirations about technology. The HP brand is the foundation for communicating its unique offering to the market: an inventive company that sees the power and promise of technology in all aspects of business and life.

Things You Didn’t Know
If you made a country of all of HP’s customers, it would be the third-largest country in the world.
HP powered the New York Stock Exchange after September 11, supplied printers to the new government in Afghanistan after the Taliban fell, and works with the Fire Department of New York to help train new recruits.
HP started the tradition of casual Fridays in the 1950s, when everyone including Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard showed up each week in shirtsleeves and casual dress ready to solder electronics, pack boxes, or ship products.
HP shipped 43 million printers in 2003 — a rate equivalent to shipping more than one printer per second.

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