SpaceWays Brings Self Storage Into The Heart Of Paris

Rocket Internet Launches New Online On-Demand Storage Service

Rocket Internet’s new on-demand storage service, will launch in Paris today. Space is getting more and more expensive, especially in Paris. The company solves this problem and provides an easy, flexible and secure storage, with on-demand pickup and return delivery. In only a few clicks, Parisians can create more space in their apartments.

Rob Rebholz, Co-Founder at SpaceWays, experienced the lack of space in Parisian apartments himself and is certain the service will solve Paris’ storage problems: "We are very excited to provide Parisian people with an affordable and convenient storage solution. SpaceWays will revolutionize the way people store what matters to them."

For 6€ per month, SpaceWays provides customers with a large heavy-duty box and a free pick-up service that eliminates the hassle of bringing items to a remote self storage location. Boxes can be returned for 19€, irrespective of how many boxes are returned, and delivery can be arranged for a convenient time for the customer. The company works with professional drivers to provide reliable customer service and ensure the safe handling of all items, which are then stored in SpaceWays monitored storage facility just outside the city.

Paris property prices increased by 114% since 2000, while salaries increased by only 10%, making space increasingly rare and valuable.

Shaheen Javid, France Marketing Director for SpaceWays, highlights the potential of this business model: "Existing storage companies provide an inconvenient and out of date service. And yet, despite their inefficiency, the French self storage industry has been consistently growing since 2000. We provide the first one-click on-demand solution for all Parisians."

How SpaceWays works

SpaceWays, provides a simple online on-demand storage solution that no longer requires customers to haul stuff back and forth to a self storage facility.

Customers simply go to and indicate how many storage boxes they need or which bulky items they want to store, and an experienced SpaceWays drivers will deliver heavy-duty containers to their doorstep. When customers have finished packing, the boxes are collected and stored in the secure, monitored SpaceWays facility just outside Paris.

One box costs 6€ per month, with a three months minimum contract. The redelivery of the customer’s boxes costs 19€, regardless of the number of boxes. There are no hidden fees or complicated contracts.

Who is SpaceWays for?

SpaceWays is for all those who need additional space at home: students who want to store their belongings while abroad, young professionals struggling to find a place for their winter clothes in their apartments, families who want to keep their childrens’ old toys and clothes even if they don’t have room for them. SpaceWays is also a storage service that can be used by businesses looking for a convenient solution to archive their files. Spaceways creates more space for everyone!

Paris / Bucuresti, 17.09.2014
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