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Made in Serbia

Something strong, something soft

MARTIN SPILLMANN, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Western Europe:

We don’t just want to sell:
We would like to add something useful to people’s lives.
We don’t create propaganda for a public referendum:
We crate an art event instead.
We don’t just sell underwear:
We create a dating platform.
We don’t just advertise Switzerland as a great place for mountain lovers:
We sell it as therapy for Facebook junkies.
We don’t just bore people with another “buy-one-get-one-free” campaign:
We surprise people with 30 seconds of humor instead.


There’s just one thing that no one else in the world has: kajmak. It is skimmed from freshly boiled milk; it bears no resemblance to young cheeses such as mozzarella or sour cream. I cannot imagine why, but even cattle from breeders from the most remote areas of Georgia, the Causasus and Tibet have not thought of kajmak. Why Serbs invented it still remains a secret. Also a secret is the international kajmak smuggling ring conducted by Serbs who risks everything to bring this dairy product to their countrymen around the world. The longing for this dairy product is such that friends and relatives are beseeched to bring kajmak to the most distant cities of the world. Like some drug smuggler, I, too, have carried kajmak, this precious foodstuff, through the strict customs control at New York’s Kennedy Airport. As it is strictly forbidden to bring to bring in any type of food products to the United States, I packed kajmak in circular tins of Nivea cosmetic cream, which prompted contemptuous glances from US custom officers. Ah, but what indescribable joy when my friend spread kajmak from čačak on slices of New York bread!*

* Free interpretation from A Guide to the Serbian Mentality book by Momo Kapor.

Do you need more arguments for the visit of Intercontinental Advertising Cup in Belgrade?

To be continued…

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Bucuresti, 07.04.2014
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