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18th International Advertising Festival of New Europe Golden Drum

Rumbling before the Creative Storm

Was completely soaked with anticipation before the announcement of the winners on Saturday, 8 October 2011, at 20.30 (GMT+1) at the Grand Hotel Bernardin. At the Multi Channel Award Ceremony and Festval Gala Closing on Saturday, the best in the Groups Q-V will be announced, along with the winners of the most prestigious prizes: Golden Rose, for the most successful entrant, Golden Net, for the most successful advertising network, Brand Grand Prix, for the most successful brand and two kind of special awards, namely Virtuoso award and Golden Watch award along with the Off Drum winner of Piran Portorož Poster Award.

Third day at Golden Drum

Stormy weather that prevailed in Piran and Portorož was even further stirred by Petteri Kilpinen, Vice President of Innovation at TBWA\Europe and CEO and Chairman of TBWA\Helsinki, who spoke about ideas that are worth marketing and why the ad industry won’t be the same again. Kilpinen who is a radical and passionate innovator of the ad industry is challenging the old way of doing and selling creative work. In his mind, creativity should be retargeted at new platforms and places, to achieve its full potential: we are in the business of inspiring the audience, not filling media space.

He pointed that we cannot divide people into target groups any more. Globally people with same interests and values have much more in common than habitants of a certain village. It is not about targeting; you have to activate people on different basis. Another main point of his lecture was about doing great products. He told a story about how Steve Jobs once called CEO of Nike and told him they have to stop producing “crap” products if they want to succeed. Companies should only produce stuff they are all proud of. You have to love what you do and put your heart in it. The rest will follow.

Fernando Vega Olmos, Creative Chairman, Continental Europe and Latin America – JWT Worldwide Creative Council Chairman started his lecture with two sentences: “We don’t have classical audiences any more. We are a brand because of our story.” He is one of the most iconic personas in advertising from Buenos Aires to Madrid – his two home towns. He pointed out how important it is to create great idea. His main job is to find talented people all over the world. At his lecture “Where do good ideas come from?” he introduced several communication campaigns which really impressed the crowd at 18th Golden Drum.

Red Cross Mexico created a campaign “You can keep us going”. People didn’t donate by putting the money into donation boxes, but there were little automobiles and trucks of Red Cross designed as coin machines for children. The campaign created something that make people could truly participate. Thinking about on-line or off-line advertising activities is not important. Campaigns have to function on every screen. People don’t want to think about if they have a proper screen to participate; they just want to join a great movement.

Fernando introduced Macy’s Christmas campaign called “Yes, Virginia”. Virtual girl Virginia virtually kidnapped Christmas. She was most wanted that Santa himself. She was guest starring in TV and radio shows, she had her own short TV shows in Mancy’s shop all over the US. At the end of the day people care about touchy ideas, said Fernando. Usually the greatest ideas are lying near us, we only need to pick them up.

National parties with Hungarians and Macedonians

Hungary and Macedonia hosted this year’s national parties at Golden Drum. Hungarians celebrated in style their Full Hungarian Definition (HD) party with wild DJ-ing and visual effect extravaganza. Loud rhythms accompanied Macedonian trumpets when they “invaded” the Grand Hotel Bernardin’s lobby in the afternoon. Their unique Balkan way of partying brought almost every Golden Drum participant to the dance floor.

Portorož / Bucuresti, 08.10.2011

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