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Magdalena Festival is ready for its 10th birthday

The 10th Magdalena Festival of Creative Communication will be held between 15-17 May 2008 in Maribor, Slovenia. The main goal of the festival awards is to seek, present and award the most creative ideas in the field of public communication, created by young authors. This year for the first time, Magdalena went out of Slovenian borders for the visual identity. This year’s visual identity of Magdalena was created by students from Sarajevo Art Academy who sure know how to look in order to see. Author of the idea is Ana Lukenda, the realization was made under the mentorship of prof. Bojan Hadžihalilović and with help of her colleagues. They wanted to stress the importance of one of the most important sense organ for creative communication on Magdalena festival – eye. We should look very carefully in order to see the point – the sign "Come and see".

The competition for the festival awards – Golden & Silver Bras and the big Magdalena award – is open to individuals of 30 years or less. An international jury selects group winners, awarded with Golden Bras, and the overall (Magdalena prize) winner based on the most creative idea. Entry fees are symbolical so that the competition is accessible to most young people all over the world.

Over 600 entries from all over Europe are showcased and judged at the Festival.The Magdalena Festival is offering seven award sections in 2008.  Entrant participants can now submit work to compete at the 10th Magdalena Festival in all categories – print, outdoor, small promos, motion, interactive, experimental and logotypes.

Magdalena also invites young people to create entries based on creative briefs. Creative briefs are calls for creative solutions to a specific task and are set by companies or organizations. All entries created for and aplied to creative briefs will also compete independantly for other festival awards in corresponding competition groups. All entries created and submitted to each of the creative briefs will compete for sponsor’s award of 1.000 Euro (gross value).

All the entries, registered to the 10th Magdalena, will be judged by six members of international jury: Charlotte Fiell (Editor, Taschen, Great Britain), Philippe Boutie (Chief Executive Officer, LAMTAR Planning and Communication), Erik Norin(web director, Farfar, Sweden), Jamie Jay Johnson (Film and documentary director, Great Britain), Davor Bruketa (creative director, Bruketa&Žinić, Croatia) and Marta di Francesco.

Entry forms can be completed online at from Thursday 10th of April 2008. Deadline for early birds, who would like to submit the entry is 14th of April 2008. The final deadline for entry submissions is 25th of April. All informations are gatherd in Magdalena catalogue 2008 on According to new ideas and inovations we also created a new group Magdalena Festival on Facebook.

Bucuresti, 11.04.2008

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