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Honda Introduces Solar Hydrogen Station on Grounds of Saitama

Prefectural Office, FCX Clarity Used in Electric Vehicle Testing Program to Serve as Mobile Electric Generator

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled a Solar Hydrogen Station on the grounds of the Saitama Prefectural Office. The initiative is part of the Electric Vehicle Testing Program for Honda’s next-generation personal mobility products, in which Honda, Iwatani and Saitama Prefecture are currently collaborating. In a further initiative, Honda has equipped the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle with an outlet to function as a 9kW power source. Since the FCX Clarity uses a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce power with zero CO2 emissions, with its new outlet, the vehicle will be able to serve as a zero-emission mobile electric generator.

This is the first installation in Japan of a total system to produce, store and dispense hydrogen with ZERO CO2 emissions. A high pressure water electrolysis system, uniquely developed by Honda, produces hydrogen. With no mechanical compressor, the system is nearly silent and highly energy efficient. Using Solar and grid power, the system is capable of producing 1.5kg of hydrogen within 24hours which enables an FCX Clarity to run approximately 150km or 90miles. Honda aims to further develop the system to offer clean energy sources for the home in the future.

Editors Notes

About Honda’s Electric Vehicle Testing Programme in Saitama

In March 2009, Honda and Saitama Prefecture concluded an agreement to collaborate on environmental issues. Based on this agreement, since December 2010, Honda has been implementing an Electric Vehicle Testing Program in Saitama that features advanced electromotive technology, communications and telematics to help realize a low-carbon mobility society in the future.

Within this program, the Saitama Prefectural Office Solar Hydrogen Station will represent the hydrogen-powered society of the future. This setup will allow Honda to do extensive testing on the technological capabilities and operational requirements of the Solar Hydrogen Station in a real-world urban environment.

About Honda’s Fuel Cell Research

To help replace fossil fuels, reduce emissions and combat climate change, Honda has been a leader in the ongoing development of fuel cells, which it views as the ultimate clean power source. Representing the hydrogen-powered society of the future and producing zero CO2 emissions during operation, the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle became available for lease in the US in July 2008 and in Japan in November of the same year. Also believing it crucial to eliminate CO2 emissions during the production, storage and supply of hydrogen fuel, in January 2010 at the Los Angeles Center of Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Honda began experimental operation of a compact, quiet and low-cost next-generation Solar Hydrogen Station for household use.

TOKYO, Japan / Bucuresti, 27.03.2012

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