Honda and Future Shorts Join Forces for Unique Synchronised Premiere Event

Honda’s crowd-sourced, social media activated, documentary film, Live Every Litre, will make its debut in unique simultaneous location and virtual premieres at 20:00 (UK time) on the 21st July. The road trip documentary was filmed during May and June across Europe, and was directed by Claudio von Planta (Long Way Down and Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor).

The live premiere will take place in London at a secret location where the stars of the film will gather to see the finished documentary alongside invited guests. The live event will be synchronised with the first exclusive online screening of the film on via the Live Every Litre Screening Room, a socially-connected live cinema experience where the online community can interact with other viewers and connect with the live premiere event.  Both events will be organised and managed by London-based, innovative short film organisation, Future Shorts* (

Future Shorts was chosen as a partner because of their unique global community of film enthusiasts which sees 35,000 people attending screenings each month in 60 cities and 18 countries and over 1 million tuning in online to watch the best in short film. Future Shorts’ sister event-company, Future Cinema, are famed for creating immersive experiences in film and are most famous for the much acclaimed Secret Cinema.

As well as showing the film the live premiere will be enhanced with a number of "experiential" elements to bring the stories and journeys filmed on the road trip to life. An exclusive Burlesque performance from cast member "Agent Lynch" will be just one facet of the immersive cinema experience. The live premiere will also showcase performances by some of the crowd-sourced bands and performers whose music brings the sound track of the film to life.

Before and during filming bands and solo artists were encouraged to submit their tracks to compliment the multitude of moods, emotions and situations featured in both the short films and the final documentary. An overwhelming number of tracks were uploaded from all over Europe and the producers had long debates over choosing the right tracks to suit the hugely varied stories. At the London-based premiere on the 21st July, Emi Green, Live Like Lions, Revere, This is Lindsey and Solid State will all be performing their tracks showcased in the Live Every Litre films. Playing alongside them will be SoulVision, the DJ double act from Somerset, UK, who were chosen by Claudio von Planta to take part in the project and appear in one of the short films on their mission to rock the clubs of Barcelona.

Award-winning Film Director, Claudio von Planta, is delighted that the final documentary will be debuted in such an innovative way, commenting: "We have built up a huge number of followers of the project during the recruitment, voting and filming stages and it is great that they will be able to watch the final documentary online at the same time as the live event in London. I am sure we will also find some new fans, people who perhaps came to the project late or have only discovered Live Every Litre through one particular video on YouTube. It is always exciting for a Director to see the work put in front of people for the first time and to gauge their reactions."

Future Shorts and Future Cinema have a history of pushing the boundaries of film and live events. Fabien Riggall, founder and Creative Director of both companies is excited to be involved in Honda’s project, commenting: "We look upon this as a social adventure, one that has built a community and captured the imagination of contributors and will go on to further inspire others to tell fresh and original stories. Both on and offline people will be able to connect with the film in a way unlike any other through interactive experience and the power of social networks. The fusion of each of these elements completely reflects what Future Shorts is all about."

Live Every Litre is a social media activated, European road trip documentary project which encouraged people to submit their dream journey to, where the public could rate their stories. The best journeys were chosen and the participants invited to join the pan-European odyssey, having their experiences recorded as they drove a new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe on their trip of a lifetime. Over 1000 applications were received from 28 countries and participants came from countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Romania. Filming took place over 38 days, starting in the Netherlands, heading down through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and finishing at the infamous Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

Details of the exclusive online screening can be found on as can the trailer for the final film and all the short films that introduce the cast and their individual stories.

For more information please go to or join the conversation on

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