Golden Drum gives away 5.000 EUR

The Mayor of Piran and the Golden Drum festival invite anyone to take part in the traditional competition for the best and most creative poster and win 5.000 EUR.

This time the topic is: Genius loci. In the Roman mythology this means the spirit of the place and is a friendly ghost safeguarding the integrity of the locale’s character.


What is and where is hidden the secret of the very special PORTOROŽ PIRAN GENIUS LOCI? Dreams and memories, fantasies and philosophy welcome.

Nature, people and their traces, buildings and fields, their stories and destinies, their dreams and their sorrows and joys, their similarity and their uniqueness, their past and their present, their proudly worn or carefully hidden individualities, they all come together to tell one big story, expressed by their respective genius loci. New York and Paris, Alma Ata and Buenos Aires, Sarajevo and Bora Bora, every place that has ever been touched by people’s lives has a spirit all of its own. Genius loci is not cosmopolitan or provincial, it is simply a precise and refined sense for the language of a place.

Create a poster – express PORTOROŽ PIRAN GENIUS LOCI that can be used as a poster or a cover page of publication – and win 5.000 EUR!

Entry deadline – August 27, 2010. More information, integrated brief and an extensive visual library at //

Press accreditation: //

Bucuresti, 15.07.2010

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