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Donald Gunn at the Golden Drum

The Gunn Report is the only independent report on creativity for the advertising world. It is based on a very simple idea. It combines the winners’ lists from all the major award contests in the world – national, regional and global – thus to establish the annual worldwide league tables for the advertising industry. Golden Drum is a festival, where Donald Gunn, the founder of The Gunn Report, launched in 1999, presents the first results for the current year: top commercials, top agencies, top production companies and top countries.

So don’t miss: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 10.50: The Gunn Report 2008, world pre-premiere of the white book of the global advertising, presented by Donald Gunn and Emma Wilkie

Donald Gunn, who is Scottish, joined Leo Burnett in London, fresh from Cambridge University, in 1962. Donald worked as an Account Executive for six years before becoming a copywriter. He subsequently served as Burnett’s Managing Director in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and Creative Director in South Africa and France.
In 1984, Donald was appointed Leo Burnett’s Director of Creative Resources Worldwide. In this job, based in Chicago, he created several Burnett institutions which are the envy of the industry (including the World TV Update and Worldbeater reels, and the Global Product Committee), as well as spearheading the worldwide study on creativity and effectiveness, "Do Award Winning Commercials Sell?" After retirement from Burnett, Donald served as President of the Cannes Festival in 1998 and 1999.

Bucuresti, 09.09.2008

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