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eco6 event in Zurich brings together investors and recipients of responsible investments

economie, the international organisation dedicated to the education, promotion and development of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) worldwide, and Factor Regional Development Center Romania – FRD Center –  are proud to announce declared interest from sponsors and exhibitors at eco6 event regarding investments in corporate responsibility programs leading to sustainability in Eastern Europe.

eco6 is economie’s flagship annual conference aimed at raising global awareness and transforming attitudes towards the fast growing economic movements of SRI and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2006, the event takes place in Zurich between 9-10 October. For participants and exhibitors, eco6 is an excellent opportunity to showcase their CSR programs to the financial institutions and advisors in SRI interested in identifying new opportunities for responsible investments.

“Economically, Europe is often seen as being divided between the ‘West’ and the ‘East’, with little opportunity for the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ to meet and work together to address this dichotomy from the grassroots up.” said Brian Harrison Spence, founder of economie. “With the aim of eco6 to make SRI and CSR the norm all over the world, the event will provide a valuable opportunity to bring together the two neighbours in a powerful and constructive dialogue. Both East and West have the desire to establish CSR and SRI as the norm. The West has the money to invest in exciting opportunities and the East has many of these opportunities but little money to invest. eco6 will bring them together to start the process of realising these mutual aims.”

Colin Baines, Ethics Adviser to the Co-operative Group, with responsibility for The Co-operative Bank's Ethical Policy, commented, “The business world needs to recognise the economic and social partnership potential of all areas of the globe, including Eastern Europe which has the desire and resources to actively participate in the global economy. Now is the time for the West to work dynamically with the East, utilizing the skills and resources available, for mutual economic and social benefit. Events such as eco6, are bringing the growing dialogue between the East and West into the lime-light, whilst demonstrating how to develop relationships to achieve long-term economic, social and environmental goals.”

Sponsors of eco6 event include:
SiRi – the world's largest independent provider of SRI research and consulting services for institutional investors and financial professionals
Ernst & Young – a global leader in professional services,
Global Care, Ltd. – a sustainable and ethical asset management firm, founded by Care Group, Ltd., in 1997 in Hergiswil, Switzerland.
SVN Europe – a network of socially and environmentally engaged entrepreneurs dedicated to changing the way the world does business
The Orange SeNSe Fund – a joint venture between Kempen Capital Management and SNS Asset Management. The fund invests in smaller European companies that show a positive ethical, social and environmental attitude in their long-term strategy

Gwyn Jones, economie Development Director in Switzerland, commented, “It is exciting to be part of eco6, as it brings together delegates and experts from every continent. However, it is also important to keep sight of what is happening closer to home – Eastern Europe has an amazing potential to become an integral part of an ethically aware global business world. More pertinently, Eastern Europe has the ideas, the enthusiasm and the desire to be part of the growing economic movement of SRI, and at eco6 the so called ‘West’ has the opportunity to harness this positive attitude for the advancement of an ethically aware European, and global, economy.”

About eco6
On 9th and 10th October 2006, economie will be hosting its flagship event, eco6. eco6 seeks to bring together the world’s leading SRI and CSR experts. The conference offers delegates the opportunity to meet, learn from and be inspired by passionate, creative individuals from all corners of the SRI and CSR community.

Bucuresti, 2.10.2006

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