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AUTOBEST is changing its voting matrix

logo European Autobest 2018 Finalist

· The new voting matrix covers the latest megatrends of the automotive industry

For the first time AUTOBEST’s 17-year history, the European Jury is updating the `AUTOBEST Best Buy Car of Europe` award voting matrix of 13 criteria. The new voting matrix takes into consideration the evolution of the car industry towards increased autonomous technologies, more environmentally-friendly drivetrains and greater in-car connected services.

logo European Autobest 2018 Finalist

“The evolution of our well-known voting matrix is consistent with our AUTOBEST Credo published a year ago. When we launched the matrix, everybody appreciated the balanced approach between emotional and rational, the same as in real life when a customer chooses their next car. It was considered the Millennium approach of motoring. With the new matrix, we keep the same spirit, the same DNA of the voting concept but we allow the future of motoring to be a part of our choice. From now on, the `Best Buy Car of Europe` beyond what is representing today will also be evaluating the future challenges for new models coming on the market. It is our answer on how valuable will be a car of today in the next years!” said Dan Vardie, Founder and Chairman

The new matrix retains 13 criteria, but some previous ones have merged to allow the new ones to enter. The balance of the matrix remains as it was from the establishment of the AUTOBEST project. The number of points is now multiplied by a factor of 10 to give the Jury members the possibility to judge the finalists in more detail. Under the rules of AUTOBEST, the number of finalists is not fixed. Usually, this number is five but in AUTOBEST’s history was have had years with four or six finalists – like in the AUTOBEST 2018 competition. With the new matrix number of points available for every criterion will be easier for the Jury members to rank the finalists.

AUTOBEST voting sheet 2019

A new criterion is the ‘Advanced Technologies/Autonomous’ giving the possibility to evaluate every new model from this perspective. Another new section refers to the ‘Connected Technologies’ on board, another important part of the evaluation process. Also new is the ‘Green Technologies/Engines’ criterion about the availability of new green engines/ hybrids/ electrification for the new models.

With the new voting matrix, the entire voting process will remain completely transparent, as it was from the very beginning. This policy is a unique asset of AUTOBEST Jury, as it was many times lauded by top-executives in the car industry and consumers altogether.

The new matrix becomes effective immediately, and the `AUTOBEST 2019` competition will use this new voting matrix.

By Liliana Kipper

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