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Where Is Media Meeting This Year?

This year Media Meeting is INTEGRATED into Golden Drum CREATIVE ACADEMY with lessons, important and interesting for big auditorium and specialized professionals. Reconstruction of media advertising industry, new paradigm of creativity, new roles of new and “old” media and new principle of editing and marketing media will be presented and debated on the stages and in Auditorium. There will also be live presentation of media finalists for audience and the jury.

Below please find the program of Media Meeting at this year’s Golden Drum.

Media Meeting Creative Academy

Christian Kurz, Insight Director of Emerging Markets, Discovery Networks, EMEA:
Species – A user’s guide to young men

Discovery Networks has completed a study of more than 30,000 men in 21 countries and consulted some of the world’s leading experts in male behaviour. This groundbreaking research has revealed how 21st century pressures have caused men to enter a new stage in their evolution. Their lives are now more complex than ever before, and as result men are under increased pressure to deal with their changing role

Adrian Holmes, Executive Creative Director, Y&R EMEA: Don’t forget to write

Mike Haas, Media consultant, Senior partner, The BCI Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and Wofram Tech: 1 to 1: It’s an emotional thing

“…Advertising’s traditional and trusted friend is still the most used medium…its still an emotional thing…but radio is also quietly retooling for future multi-platform media needs…”

Dr. Dietmar Schantin, Group Director, WAN IFRA: Love story of print and digital publishing

"The way how newsrooms need to operate today and tomorrow has changed. Traditional workflows and structures don’t meet the requirements in a digital, interactive media world anymore. Dietmar Schantin will share some latest newsroom strategies from around the world and demonstrate, how print and digital publishing has grown together."

Media Meeting LABs

Discovery at Theatre Tartini in Piran

Discovery Networks Europe has chosen the Golden Drum advertising festival to celebrate the launch of advertising sales on its flagship channels Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, plus announce the launch of a brand new entertainment channel for women; TLC. Discovery Networks will be holding an invitation only event on October 7th at 6pm at the Tartini Theatre in Piran, this event will showcase the networks wide variety and strength of content plus serve as an opportunity to bring the brands to life through an interactive and exciting event.

Interactive: led by Steve Vranakis, Creative Director, Partner VCCP, UK
Creativity in the post-digital era

We are now living in a post-digital era because digital is now mainstream. It’s no longer a niche nor ‘add-on’ but a fundamental part of how we do things everyday. And that means thinking differently about the way we approach ‘digital’ ideas.

Serge Fenenko, Managing Director, Novocortex, Netherlands
Upload Cinema: Messing with the Brand

After Amsterdam, The Hague, Cannes and Kaiserslautern, Upload Cinema comes to Portorož. Upload Cinema is a film club that takes the best web videos to the big screen.
In Portorož, we will show you “Messing with the Brand” – one of the best programmes of Upload Cinema, screened on the Cannes Lions festival. The subject of “Messing with the Brand” is unauthorized, banned and spoof advertising. After the screening, you will better understand how ads become viral and how online videos can become advertising.

Yonathan Dominitz, founder of Mindscapes, Israel
Co-creating experiences with consumers

Katja Škoberne
Crowdsourcing: how to build a professional community online

Media Meeting Interactive round table

Will be moderated by Bram de Rooij, Creative Director, Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, The Netherlands and president of Golden Drum Interactive jury.


Yonathan Dominitz, founder of Mindscapes, Israel – president of the jury

Dr. Giovanni Lunghi, University of Udine, EFCCE

Alida Žorž Miketek, Managing Director, Media mix, Croatia

Alexander Komarov, CEO Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, GroupM

Nenad Lozovic, Managing Partner, New Moment New Ideas Company / Y&R, Bulgaria


How will you judge the works? What are you looking for in it?
Let me quote a Green Day’s song “Well I, I just want to see the light/ And I, I don’t want to lose my sight/ Well I, I just want to see the light/And I need to know what’s worth the fight”

What are your criteria for a good campaign?
In general, I think a good campaign should fill the good old R.O.I. formula: Relevance, Originality, Impact.

How would you define a bad campaign?
Another quote, this one from Mad Men TV series: “I’m in the persuasion business and frankly I’m disappointed by your presentation”

Advertising is obviously changing fast lately or as we say, it is under reconstruction. Into what?
In my opinion, advertising “as we knew it” has already turned into something that may be called “persuasion management”.

And how will it look like in the next five (10, 20) years?
Advertising turned from a “Madison Avenue” into a “Wall Street” kind of business. I’m not a futurologist, but the biggest change may happen when any major advertising group will be owned by Mainland China shareholders

Why is there so little awarded (creative) advertising seen in everyday life?
In the past maybe that happened because some agencies were working on “made for awards” campaigns. Today I think it’s because some campaigns are well targeted to specific consumers’ segments. Apparently, we are not in the “mass-age” anymore.

And why all we see is sales-promotion, no-brand-building, pushy-brainwashing? Or do I have a wrong opinion?
You are right. That’s probably because most agencies don’t consider the fact that each individual can be exposed to a huge amount of not relevant commercial messages per day. But that may be an “inconvenient truth” for the advertising industry. After all, the business is about increasing the demand of communication activities, no matter if that will lead to a “commercial messages overload”. We are told “consumer is the king”, but I think the industry doesn’t show enough respect to his majesty. As far as I know, there’s not any consumers’ representative in any of the major industry’s festival juries. Am I wrong?

Giovanni Lunghi, Ph.D., University of Udine, EFCCE, Italy

Giovanni started to work in advertising as a copywriter. He currently acts as a creative and strategic advisor for small & medium size ad agencies, writes for Pubblicità Italia and he is Board Member of the European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education.

As an adjunct professor he lectures at the University of Udine, where he is also Project Director of ADLAB@GO, an Advertising Research and Practice Laboratory. He has held seminars and lectured across several CEE countries, Russia and China.


DEADLINES: All registrations and all material should arrive at the Festival Office by 1 September 2010.

Entries in Group G (Media) compete in the following categories: //

At the Golden Drum there will be live presentation of media finalists for audience and the jury.

Bucuresti, 12.08.2010

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