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A week like a boss – Diesel finally crowned his first Chair Executive Officer

For seven days, someone very good at sitting took over Diesel’s most coveted chair.

The last quest of Diesel finally has come to an end: via Facebook, the brand has found its first Chair Executive Officer, someone whose sitting skills were up to the task of occupying for a week the company’s empty CEO chair.

Diesel logo

More than 2000 crazy photos, gifs and videos were submitted in just 4 days on the brand’s Facebook page coming from all over the world. Among all the aspiring Chair Executive Officers, Diesel chose Daan Vervoort, 29, a professional contemporary dancer from Belgium.

“Being good at sitting may not get you everywhere in life. But it can get you pretty, pretty far”, says Daan.

He took on the role and sat around Diesel Headquarters for an entire week, cheered by the whole staff and by Renzo Rosso himself. His amusing, although brief career is documented in a video that shows his undisputed sitting skills.

The project come out of the hat of Publicis Italy.

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