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Tips to Increase Your Email Subscribers

Ask any internet marketer for a single tip on making a success of your online business and many of them will most likely come up with the same answer: build your email list from day one.

That list is of course a list of active email subscribers, these could be subscribers to your blog, bargain hunters after some vouchers, past customers who submitted their email address as they bought or just people who like what you do and want to keep up to speed with your future endeavours.

The crucial thing is that (provided you’ve done everything above board) these subscribers have all actively opted in, which means they are interested in what you do already and this makes them red hot leads, potentially just a click away from spending money with you, or hopefully spending money with you again.

The potential to build your business and grow your income through your email subscribers is huge, whether that’s through repeat business, enticing new customers with special offers, encouraging them to refer you to their friends or selling them a new product, your loyal followers are your most valuable asset.

Position your opt-in box properly

It sounds simple, but people need to know how and where to sign up for your list if they’re going to sign up at all. A simple, clear and well positioned opt-in box is the first step. Keep it on a sidebar so visitors can find it from every page on your site, but also build a landing page to direct readers towards from blog posts as well. It’s crucial to keep the opt-in box above the fold and preferably just below the menu bar which means it will be in nice and prominent for all of your visitors.

Give them quality

While emails might seem a somewhat dated medium in the age of social media, it is still the most effective direct form of communication with your customers and web visitors are still keen to hand over their email addresses. But if you spam them or send them useless content over email then you are likely to lose them just as quickly. Delivering fresh and unique content and exclusive information or offers just for the list, as well as reminding them when there is new content on your main site, means you will retain more of your subscribers and encourage them to share the emails with their friends as well.

Offer an incentive

It’s an old trick but still a goodie. It’s true that you rarely get something for nothing and even those websites offering you a free 120 page e-book want your email address in return. You need to do the same, not necessarily a free e-book (although this is still an effective tool), but something to convince people that they will gain from typing in their email address. That could be five per cent off their first order, a free email course, exclusive news or the chance to win a glamourous prize.

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