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This issue’s special – Michael Barclay is back in Business Review

Michael Barclay is back on the editorial team of Business Review. So, if you’ve missed his experienced, sincere and sophisticated tastes and reviews, you will have the pleasure to find him again, sitting at our tables and writing about the Romanian restaurant scene, at Business Review.

Michael has always had a passion for creating haute cuisine dishes. "My parents were classic “foodies,” so I was brought up reading the works of Esscofier and Mrs. Beeton, both of whom wrote the seminal books on cooking which defined fine cuisine for a century," he said.

Straight after university, he enrolled in a respected Chef School, but quit after one year, stating that he knew more on the subject than his tutors. Thereafter, he forged a lucrative life in the IT industry, and subsequently left it to start London’s Kensington Chefs’ Club in 1990.

"When the greatest and most famous chefs in the world were passing through the UK, most of them checked in with me at the Club, where I rewarded them with short-term assignments to cook in the homes of leaders of society, from royalty to rock stars," Michael remembers with a smile on his face.

But with great reluctance, he closed the Club when he relocated to Bucharest. He has been Business Review’s restaurant critic for over ten years, and is arguably the only qualified and respected food critic in the city.

Among reviewed restaurants in Bucharest: Roberto’s, by Hilton, Daimon Fitness Club Restaurant, Gargantua, Heritage, The Steakhouse at JW Marriott, Lollypop, Levantin at Hanul Lui Manuc, Divan, Villa Rodizio, The Loft, La Veranda at the Crowne Plaza, Chez Toni, Osho and many more.

You can find some of his reviews here: //

The debut review can be read in the November Business Review print edition, that will be released on November 23rd.

After four years, and with a warm welcome back from food lovers in Romania, from top restaurants that had the pleasure to have him among their guests or to learn from his straight and accurate reviews, Michael Barclay is back on the menu!

Bucuresti, 20.11.2015

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