Rocket expects up to 400% sales increase for frontier markets during Black Friday

Rocket InternetRocket takes Black Friday to emerging markets across the globe

Massive sales, great offers and special deals: Rocket companies continue to establish Black Friday in emerging markets making the phenomenon accessible for millions of people across the globe. From Dafiti in South America to Daraz in Pakistan and Jabong in India, this year’s Black Friday is going to be a truly global – and online – event.

Originally coming from the United States, Black Friday has become a phenomenon in a growing number of countries in recent years. Having large discounts on all products, Black Friday e-commerce sales generated a revenue worth of USD 1.5 billion in 2014 (US only), estimated to grow by another 30% in 2015. Black Friday is indeed one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

Black Friday in Rocket’s Fashion Companies

The Global Fashion Group comprises of 5 companies: Dafiti, Namshi, Lamoda, Jabong and Zalora and operates in 28 countries mainly in South America and Asia. Despite facing different seasons on Black Friday, sales are expected to be equally phenomenal – shown by the impressive numbers:

Dafiti experiences 8x more customers.
Namshi’s highest discount is set at 84%.
Lamoda has 125% more customers.
Jabong records an increase of 40% more shopping cart value.
Zalora is meeting the region’s trend by offering their biggest discounts on mobile.
18% discount will be added to the existing 80% savings through desktop.

Jumia and Daraz – Pioneers bringing e-commerce to emerging markets

Jumia in Nigeria and Daraz in Pakistan have become the leading e-commerce platforms in their respective regions. Together they have a potential customer base of 359 million. The huge success of Jumia’s last years first participation in the Black Friday event has proven the estimations right: customers in emerging markets have been anticipating becoming part of the Black Friday phenomenon. The buzz created by Daraz’ sneak peak sales has confirmed this trend to be also true for the pakistani market.

Daraz Pakistan

4x more clicks on the website.
25% increase of shopping cart value.
70% more customers.

Jumia Nigeria

30.000 customers every single minute.
2 Million online shoppers.
400% more items sold.
50% access Jumia via mobile.


Cuponation is bringing a smaller scale Black Friday to their customers everyday – roughly 100,000 customers are being attracted by Cuponation’s discounts and special deals per day. Offering those across 15 countries all across the globe, Cuponation has astonishing insights about this year’s Black Friday event. Cuponation’s Co-Founder Andreas Fruth comments: “Every Norwegian buys christmas presents worth on average EUR 679 per year. If everybody would shop during Black Friday, they could save EUR 533!”.

France, Finland and Denmark record the highest increase of search interest for 2015.
Brazil’s average basket size grew up to 400% last year.
Sweden, Switzerland and Italy offered the highest discounts in 2014.

For more astonishing insights visit this link.
Cuponation will live-update their data throughout Black Friday. An analysis of the events will be published.

Berlin, 27.11.2015

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