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Pushing the limits through Drummers’ Community

Golden Drummers
Even though it is summer time online activities on Golden Drum’s website are gaining momentum as we speak. Among many website attributes, you can find Drummers’ community, which will surely catch your attention. You can engage in discussions on the Golden Drum blog – PR Corner, where you can share your knowledge and experiences and start a debate that will cause a new brainstorming wave.

Provocative ideas, shocking truths, opinions and debates – join the Drummers’ community and become a part of interactive dialog on an international level. Check out World news, Inspiration, Hot topics and more – all in Drummers’ community.

“Creatives can change the world’’
Truth is the economy all over the world is struggling right now. The economy in Europe went down by 4, 1 % since last year. But the question is – what are we going to do about it?

Stefan Schmidt, president of the film, press outdoor and radio jury, says: “The economy in Europe went down by 4, 1 percent since last year and the number of businesses going bust in this region increased by 11 percent. I hate to be positive, but this is quite a string of exceedingly good news, isn’t it? What these numbers tell us, when we read them again after the initial shock, is that creativity is needed more than ever. And that is good news, because creativity is what we do. Solving problems in an unexpected, clever way and adding value to brands through our talent for communication is our job.”
For the whole statement, please go to: //

Bold? No, just an ordinary day at the Drummers’ community. Join in and see for your self.

Portoroz, 23.07.2009

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