PRO Honda: Look After Your Honda Like A Pro

The PRO Honda range has been revised to give customers a wider choice of Honda aftersales care and to keep their Honda in showroom condition.

The PRO Honda range has undergone a stylish makeover, through the introduction of new packaging and labelling. They have been designed to allow customers to look after the considerable investment they’ve made in their Honda and to allow Dealers to generate additional business.

The range is broken down into three groups covering the following key product areas: Service & Maintenance; Cleaners & Polishers; Assembly & Repair. The groupings make it much easier to categorise the PRO Honda products and easier for Dealers and customers to choose which ones they need.

3 PRO Honda categories

Service & Maintenance products cover a variety of requirements, from a simple screenwash for summer to a tough winter version that can operate effectively in temperatures as low as -50°C. The range also includes cleaners, coolants and chain sprays for motorcycle customers.

Cleaners & Polishes cover a wide range to keep everything looking as good as new – wheels, tyres, bodywork, leather upholstery, chains, engines, plastics, cockpits, metal. The list goes on, and covers just about every conceivable exposed surface on a car or motorcycle.

Assembly & Repair products are predominantly for dealer use but can also be sold to customers who are confident and competent in vehicle maintenance. However, as ever, discussions with customers will determine the best individual advice.

Quality and reliability

Of course, with the Honda brand on the label, customers can be sure that each PRO Honda product has been fully tested to care for their Honda in the best possible way and provide the quality and reliability for which our brand is renowned.

PRO Honda products also conform fully to all European and other relevant regulations, and they list full ingredients, safety advice and comprehensive instructions in a variety of European languages.

And, in keeping with a company that is committed to protecting the planet’s natural resources and environment, no CFKs are used in any aerosol products and as much as 99% of PRO Honda products are bio-degradable.

Selection Pack

A sample of the PRO Honda range is available in a selection pack – one for cars, the other for motorcycles – to give Dealers and customers a chance to experience their benefits and to introduce them to the range.

The car selection pack includes Wheel Cleaner, Wash & Wax, Cockpit Spray, Quick Paint Polish and PTFE Multi-Spray. The motorcycle version incorporates Bike Wash, Chain Cleaning Gel, Helmet and Windshield Cleaner, PTFE Chain Spray and a special Paint And Plastic Polish Spray.

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