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PR Insight You Can Put To Good Use

By Donald Levin

* PR encompasses more than you realize. PR includes targeted business and trade publicity; hard-hitting publications; opinion research; speechmaking and other customer-group appearances; as well as various communications programs. It’s more than publicity, more than a story in your newspaper or an appearance on local TV.

* PR produces sales, investments, recruitment, strategic partners–not just "image." Accomplish these and other measurable results using all the tactics of PR. For example, your company gains
strategic partners when they read about you in publicity and your publications. How well your PR helps meet important objectives is your yardstick in evaluating the PR function.

One healthcare client employs our PR services to increase sales by stepping up distribution and the number of buying influences (school nurses and pharmacists).

* Benefit from a firm’s objectivity. A PR firm carries out programs for different kinds of clients, from which it gathers independent experience. Tap this experience–writing, design, contacts, organization–and the talent behind it. Don’t undervalue outside opinion by assuming that, "They don’t know how we do business."

Remember that why you’re better off with a PR person who knows your general industry and learns your products on the job than with an ex-product person who is learning PR.

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