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New BF250 Honda Marine Outboard Engine

Honda Debuts all-new 4-stroke BF250 Outboard Engine at Genoa International Boat Show

Honda Debuts all-new 4-stroke BF250 Outboard Engine delivering best-in-class*1 fuel economy and outstanding performance at Genoa International Boat Show.

GENOA, October 1, 2011 – at the Genoa International Boat Show in Italy, Honda Motor Europe Ltd. today at 10:00 CET unveiled the all-new flagship outboard the BF250, a 4-stroke 250-horsepower engine. The BF250 is scheduled to go on sale across Europe from January 2012.

The BF250 combines a new 3.6-litre V6 engine, the largest in Honda’s lineup, with the world’s first*2 direct air induction system for an outboard. This new system ensures the boat operator achieves a combination of high performance and low fuel consumption.

The BF250’s styling is a departure from other Honda outboards in that the aesthetic design is sleeker and slimmer. The hood exhibits a sharper, angular profile over previously introduced models. The overall design is streamlined and more aero-dynamic with chrome lines conveying power and speed.

The BF250 has been introduced with an all new colour Aquamarine Silver Metallic. This combined with the striking new exterior design makes the BF250 worthy of its flagship model status.

The BF250 features Honda’s unique BLAST *3 technology, a unique ignition timing control system that greatly improves hole-shot performance during periods of rapid acceleration from low to mid engine speeds.

The BF250 is equipped with an advanced lean burn fuel control system, ECOmo*4 that contributes to the engines class leading*5 fuel economy. This highly advanced and sophisticated technology ensures the BF250 provides excellent fuel economy at cruising speeds.

The BF250 features an all new high performance gear case styling which provides enhanced levels of underwater hydrodynamic efficiency. This combined with a new gear reduction ratio (2:1) and a large range of propellers (up to 16" diameter) provides high levels of all round performance.

Shifting effort is further enhanced by introduction of a new Shifting Load Reduction control system. To support the boat user’s operating characteristics, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) will modify the ignition timing, resulting in modified engine torque to lessen the shift load required.

A class leading*6 battery charging system enables the BF250 to deal with the increasing customer demand for additional on board electrical power. During idle speed, a new Adjustable Idle Charge system automatically adjusts engine speed via the ECU to raise the charging rate when an increased electrical load is detected.

Key features of all-new BF250 outboard engine:

•· High Performance

BF250 performance has been achieved by introducing a new 3.6L V6 engine incorporating Hondas unique VTECTM, BLASTTM technologies and a world first DIRECT AIR INTAKE system. Hondas direct air system is designed to reduce intake air temperature which increases air volume to the engine, resulting in increased power.

* Economy

Best-in-class fuel*7 economy is achieved through Hondas world renowned fuel injection system, PGM-FI*8 and Hondas sophisticated lean-burn control technology, ECOmo.

* Gear Case

The new highly efficient gear case, exhibits excellent underwater hydrodynamic characteristics providing less underwater resistance & better fuel economy. It has a ratio of 2:1 allowing the use of larger diameter propellers, up to 16".

* Shifting Load Reduction control system.

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) will modify the ignition timing, dependant on boat operator characteristics, resulting in reduced engine torque to lessen the shift load required to change gear.

* Alternator

A high output alternator provide best-in-class*9performance (90-amps) addressing an increase in electrical requirements due to installation of variety of marine equipment and devices. The BF250 can provide battery charging capability up to 60amps during normal running conditions. In addition to this, a class leading feature is a new adjustable idle charge system where up to 40 amps output can be provided at idle speeds automatically by the engine control unit if the electrical load is required.

* NMEA 2000

The new BF250 is compliant with NMEA2000 (National Marine Electronics Association) communication standards. Connectivity to NMEA 2000 compliant onboard electronic display equipment, chart plotters, GPS, fish finders etc, now permits engine management information to be displayed and viewed by the boat user with the additional benefit of simplified rigging.

Quote from Martin Sanders, General Manager, Honda Marine, Europe.

With the introduction of BF250 the year 2012 will be many firsts for Honda Marine. We will enter the next power range of the market with revolutionary technologies that will further enhance the Honda outboard range and strengthen the brand across Europe. The addition of the BF250 to our engine line up will allow us to continue to build on the success of our European dealer network and forge stronger relationships with our existing and future Boat Builder partners.

*1, *2,*5 *6,*7,*9 Honda’s internal research as of the end of September 2011

*3 Honda’s proprietary acceleration-enhancing technology, the BLAST system boosts torque during sudden acceleration by simultaneously optimizing the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.

*4 An O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas. Based upon this data the ECU will optimize fuel injection allowing high levels of economy particularly in cruising mode. This I referred to as the Honda ECO-mo mode.

*8 PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a Honda registered trademark.




Steering System

Remote Control








4-stroke, OHC, 60° V6, 4 valves (per cylinder)

Displacement (cm3)


Bore × Stroke (mm)

89 × 96

Rated Power kW [kW(PS)/rpm]

183.9 (250) /5,8000

Recommended RPM Range

5,300 – 6,300 rpm

Cooling System

Water cooled system with thermostat

Ignition System

Electronic PGM-IG

Spark Plug


Fuel system

PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection

Starting System

Electric Starter

Alternator Output

12v – 90A

Battery Charging Capacity

12v – 60A

Exhaust System

Under water Discharge (Through propeller boss)


Unleaded Petrol

Gear Ratio

2.0 (24:12)

Gear Shift


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)




Transom Height (mm)




Dry Weight (Inc St Steel Propeller – 6Kgs)




Trim Angle

– 4° ~ 16°

Tilt Angle


Engine Trim & Tilt

Power Trim & Tilt

Steering angle (left and right)


Pan European Warranty Conditions

3 Year Pan European Warranty

(1 Year Commercial Warranty )

The propeller, remote control box, gauges and other rigging components are supplied separately

Bucuresti, 01.10.2011

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