Michelin launches a digital advertising campaign to present

Michelinto Hungarian/Romanian users the revolutionary tire MICHELIN CrossClimate

The MICHELIN CrossClimate digital advertising campaign was launched on June 24 and during 4 weeks, until July 21, will present through innovative advertising tools the revolutionary summer tire with winter certification.

Michelin will address the MICHELIN CrossClimate users in Romania/Hungary through an integrated digital communication campaign in social media and utilizing impactful and innovative digital formats (static, dynamic and video display bannering) on key automotive, sport, news and other targeted portals.

Michelin launched in March 2015 the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire which represents the successful fusion of summer and winter technologies to create MICHELIN’s first-ever summer tire with winter certification, an innovation that represents the latest illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance. Internet users have the opportunity to discover the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire and its unique performances, by accessing the digital platform dedicated to this exciting innovation / .hu

Michelin CrossClimate

Bucuresti, 14.07.2015

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