London International Awards Announces the Health & Wellness Jury with Tim Jones as the 2018 Jury President

(New York, 2nd July 2018) Tim Jones, Creative Director at Havas Lynx Europe has been named the Jury President for the Health & Wellness Jury.

As a creative leader within the global Havas network, Tim believes that the biggest creative opportunities currently lie in healthcare: “We’re not necessarily selling products here, we’re using creativity to change behavior, treatments, and ultimately lives. And when it’s done well, it can be a powerful thing.”

Tim’s enthusiasm for healthcare advertising has resulted in over 50 industry awards – helping two of his agencies win Agency of the Year at Cannes in the past three years.

Tim Jones

On presiding over the Health & Wellness jury, Tim stated, “As Jury President, I will be carrying on the legacy created by Jeremy Perrot. I’ll be working with an extremely talented jury to hunt for those big (and sometimes little) ideas that rewarded the clients brave enough to choose something different. We’re ready for the emotional rollercoaster that is judging Health & Wellness, and we’re excited to see which ideas have the power to stop us, make us feel something, and inspire our industry to be better.”

Barbara Levy, LIA President said, “Tim put it very well when he said that Health and Wellness is particularly challenging. We understand that especially with all the restrictions on what can and cannot be said. But I am confident that with Tim at the helm of a panel of talented jurors, the best and most creative ideas that bring wellness to society at large will surface. I am honored to have them judge the second annual Health & Wellness jury and I’m looking forward to seeing what great work has been produced and what impact it has on our lives from all walks of society and life.”

Despite the heavy restrictions associated with this industry, this is where we are experiencing the most innovative and authentic ideas. This is partly down to the desperate need for better health, but also because creatives are finally seeing healthcare as a means to do more meaningful work. From terminal cancer to organ donation to mental health – this is the category that can literally save lives.

LIA incorporated the Health & Wellness competition last year to honor creativity that promotes consumer health products and services. The intention is to promote personal care, self-diagnosis and regaining or maintaining health and well-being for the good of society by awarding inspirational and breakthrough ideas for non-pharmaceutical OTC products, over-the-counter medicines, products/devices and applications.

2018 Health & Wellness Jury:
Timothy Jones – Jury President – Creative Director at Havas Lynx Europe
Jeanie Caggiano, EVP / Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Chicago
Oliver Caporn, Worldwide Creative Director at CDM, London
Karalyn Ciucci, SVP / Creative Director at NEON: FCB Health Network Company, New York
Todd Henwood, VP / Creative Director at GSW InVentivHealth, Toronto
Jonathan Isaacs, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\WorldHealth and TBWA\Health Collective, New York
Sacha Lai-Svirk, Partner / Chief Digital Officer at BrandHealth, Peterborough
Bernardo Romero, SVP / Group Creative Director at Area 23, New York
Ricardo Sciammarella Pereira, Creative Director at Ogilvy, São Paulo

The Entry System is open for entries.

For more information on submissions and eligibility, please visit the LIA website at

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