Kimberly Baffi is “Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year 2008”

Antiquated though it may at first appear, writing by hand can be a genuine pleasure once again for all those who choose to use Mont Blanc fountain pens. "Say goodbye to acronyms, abbreviations, et cetera, et cetera," runs the headline of the prize-winning ad by Kimberly Baffi.
Of the total of 940 campaigns submitted this year by colleges and universities from around the world, 31 made it into the pages of the internationally acclaimed magazine "Lürzer’s Archive," which acts as a showcase for outstanding print and TV campaigns. As is the case every year, readers were invited to choose their own favorites. Votes were cast by 7,289 creatives, 1,007 of them having opted in favor of Kimberly Baffi. No less than 796 votes were cast on the busiest "polling day."

Here is a brief selection of comments posted by those voting for Baffi’s work: "This is my fave, just because it is a good ol’ fashioned headline, something I see fewer and fewer students able to manage", "Simple, clean, messaging for product is strong", "Very clever, and timely", and: "Wow. This Kimberly Baffi is talented. How can I hire her?"

The winner will be flown to the New York Festivals in May 2009, where she will be presented with the "Student of the Year" trophy, the specially produced "Lürzer’s Archive Sixpack."

The Award was first established in 2004 to provide students of advertising and communications design with a platform for their work. A number of our readers – among them leading advertising industry figures – originally encouraged us to establish a competition for new and up-and-coming advertising talents. The very first "Student of the Year," Menno Kluin, has since launched a highly successful career at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, and has already won a clutch of Gold Lions in Cannes.

Published every two months, "Lürzer’s Archive" is read by 150,000 creatives in 35 countries worldwide.

"Lürzer’s Archive" supports AdPrint Festival and is partner of the 10th edition of the only European print advertising competition.

Brasov, 22.09.2008

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