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Importance of Social Network for Your Business

Social networks have changed the direction in which most organizations have taken to create brand awareness. Social networks have exploded in the past few years and many organizations are taking the advantage of building the traffic for their business. Social networks are vital tools for millions of businesses all over the world. Most businesses are using social networks to connect to the current customers, friends and business associates.

There are many things businesses can do on social networks to market their products and increase their market share. It is free to use social networks like, face book, twitter, linked in, Google+ and many more upcoming social sites. Organizations can do unlimited number of activities to ensure that their brands are getting recognition and attracting more customers and potential customers.

There are many reasons why social networks are important for your business and these reasons include:

A huge audience

Many people all over the world are connected through social networks. Social networks are popular all over the world and the entire world’s population is now making use of social networks in one way or another. The recent statistics shows that face book has more than 900 million members, twitter has more than 500 million members, LinkedIn has more than 200 million users, you tube has more than 900 million users , Google+ has more than 200 million users, Pinterest has more than 20 million users. This is a large population that uses social networks. Any organization that markets its products online will have an advantage of reaching a wider audience unlike the use of other forms of media to create awareness.

Using social media is free

Social media is totally free to use There is no fee charged to use social networks in any way you want. The only cost incurred is time and labor. Using other forms of communications like televisions, radios, bill boards and banners requires you to spend some money which can increase your expenditure. Social media are easy to use; they don’t require any special skills so you don’t have to hire experts to work for you. It is cost effective and therefore very important for your business.

Social networks are for every one

The demographics for social networks changes from site to site. Face book is mostly used by the younger generation which constitutes the largest population in the world, LinkedIn is mostly used by executives, Pinterest is mostly used by ladies with craft and design interest and Google+ is used by younger generation who are technologically savvy. It is easy to target the right people you want in the market. Designing massages that suits your target becomes easier and you are sure that it goes to the right target market.

Gaining competitive advantage

Using social networks to create awareness of your brand makes you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. Although you may not sale online, you are able to cut marketing costs unlike other businesses which spend more on creating television adverts, radio adverts, create free chat rooms platforms and bill boards. Most people don’t take their time to listen to adverts or looking at the billboards therefore social networks are more effective for marketing.

Social networks are vital tools for your business. Social networks offer you an opportunity to generate discussions on your products or services and eventually winning customers. Users of social networks are more than 1.7 billion and they are increasing every day. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to waste.

Julieth Gonzalez, Social Media Strategist and Seo Expert.

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