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How to Successfully Combine Your Social Media Platforms

As anyone in the online marketing industry will assure you, it is important to look into the potential of social media marketing, and even more important to make sure you target the right sites for your particular company, to help improve your exposure on the web. The issue which has the biggest tendency to be overlooked, however, is how to make your social mediums work together to generate the best outcome.

Many web marketers may find themselves realistically only wanting to target 2 or 3 social media networks, due to restrictions over budget or time, which is what makes it so essential to ensure you select sites that can work together to make your promotion campaign even stronger.

What Should I Look For When Choosing Sites To Work Together?

Targeting sites that offer varied capabilities is a great way of taking advantage of the vast numbers of social networkers who log on daily. Someone looking to select just two social media sites for example might choose to work with Facebook and Twitter.

These two platforms offer different strengths which, when pulled together, need to be capitalised on. Your Facebook profile would be best used to promote your agency’s goods or services. Providing in-depth information about your products, in a language and tone which is appropriate for your consumer base, can build up a personal connection with your online community. However you might struggle to amass the large number of followers you crave.

This is where Twitter steps in. It is quite common to have a much larger consumer base using this platform. These followers can be obtained in a number of ways, but a good place to start is by identifying your competitors and searching through their followers. The short caption provided by each follower should give enough information on whether these people might be interested in your services. For example, someone running an online pet product store might find that targeting a leader in their field sees them stumble upon a whole army of animal lovers. When followed, a high percentage of these users tend to follow back. Once your campaign has taken off, word-of-mouth will play a large part in helping your campaign really gather momentum.

With only 140 characters allowed per post however, the most vital part of the whole operation is encouraging these followers to cross over to your Facebook account.

How Do I Make These Sites Work Together?

If you can successfully manage to direct the impressive numbers of users you have managed to acquire towards your Facebook profile and vice versa, you may have just struck up a winning combination.

One way to achieve this is through creating competitions. Competitions run on Facebook and Twitter have a great track record for attracting visitors towards social media sites. These are free to enter, normally with the one condition of either `following` or `liking` the profile. Someone running a competition on Facebook might post a tweet on Twitter inviting people to join their competition on Facebook, with a link included directly to the competition page. Luring users from your Twitter page with the prospect of exclusive deals and competitions is an effective method of making sure high numbers of visitors get a further insight into your brand.

Don’t be afraid however, to repeat posts. Generally speaking, the more exposure you can gain the better. This is especially true during the early stages of your campaign when your users from one platform may be entirely different to that from another. As long as your posts are entertaining or informative (or preferably both!), there is no reason why posts can’t be shared between sites.

Once you have successfully managed to get your online audience using both your social media networks, you may see some familiar faces, liking, posting and re-tweeting across both sites, creating an online community around your brand. It is this level of activity that is most likely to lead to sales and enquiries.

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