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Honda Motor Europe Executive Vice President, Mr. Ken Keir, speaks at Geneva Motor Show 2011

· Electric drive technology the key to CO2 reduction
· Honda continues to expand and develop its hybrid technology
· Plug-in hybrid system and EV Concept make European debut
· Honda’s 4 part journey to zero emissions outlined

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. For many years now, Honda has been working on the electrification of our mobility products.

We brought the EV Plus to market in 1997 – this was our first full electric vehicle. Our earliest hybrid vehicle, the first generation Insight, was launched in 1999, and the name was carried on with the New Insight in 2009. At the last Geneva motor show we presented our first ‘sporty’ hybrid, the CR-Z. Here today for 2011, you can see our latest and sixth hybrid model, the Jazz Hybrid.

The Jazz Hybrid is particularly special, as it is based on the existing petrol Jazz, achieving lower CO2 emissions without compromising any of its much loved features.

Electric drive technology is key to the reduction of CO2. And at Honda we believe that Hybrid is the best technology for today.

While expanding our hybrid range, we are also further developing our Hybrid technology. We are proud to show you today Honda’s Plug-in hybrid platform, for the first time in Europe.

A Plug-in Hybrid has a larger battery that can be charged up by power from the grid. You can charge your car at home to dramatically extend the all-electric driving range. The major benefit of course is that this will account for an even greater CO2 reduction. This is the next step in the electrification of our cars.

The next logical step along this transport evolution is a battery electric car, which produces no tailpipe emissions at all. We are proud to present today our Honda EV Concept, for the first time in Europe.

Honda will start selling the Plug-in hybrid and a full Electric Vehicle in Japan and in the USA from 2012 as our next move towards sustainable mobility.

However, Honda’s story of electrification would not be complete without mentioning our ultimate zero emission electric vehicle – the FCX Clarity.

To overcome the range limitation of pure electric cars Honda has developed a fuel cell electric vehicle. The Fuel Cell Stack combines hydrogen with oxygen in the air to generate enough electricity to drive a powerful motor for up to460km on one tank of fuel!

Honda is keen to reduce the cost and size of our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack. It is already a much more powerful and space efficient way to store energy than a battery. FCX Clarity is already leased to customers in Japan and the USA and we have one on our stand here today.

Everyone wants to reduce CO2 to preserve the environment. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda is determined to achieve a zero emission mobility society and today I present you with our four-part journey towards sustainable, mobility solutions:

· Expansion of our hybrid range
· Evolution of hybrid with plug-in technology
· Zero Emission battery electric vehicle
· And the ultimate solution for the future, Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity.

You could call it Honda’s Road to Zero Emissions…

Bucuresti, 02.03.2011

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