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Golden Drum’s Drummers Community Contests

Facebook, Twitter – 18th Golden Drum Festival, October 5-8, 2011, Portoroz, Slovenia, has today, September 6, 2011, started a Twitter Copy Contest for members of its Drummers Community. To enter the competition, follow Golden Drum at // and post your suggestion for a poster slogan of the 18th Golden Drum Festival with the hashtag #GoldenHeadline18

The winner of the contest will be announced on September 14, 2011.

Twitter Copy Contest Brief

You’ve entered your works in the Golden Drum’s Competition and you still have a surplus of creativity? Perfect timing! Here’s our Twitter Copy Contest and a chance to win a free full personal registration for the 18th Golden Drum Festival. What is the task? Come up with a poster slogan for the 18th Golden Drum Festival and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #GoldenHeadline18

The contest starts on September 6, 2011 and ends at midnight on September 13, 2011. You can post more than one slogan, but remember this will not be a random draw; Golden Drum’s Festival Office will choose the winning slogan. The winner gets a full registration for the 18th Golden Drum Festival.

Facebook Poster Contest

Next Monday, September 12, 2011, Golden Drum will announce its next Drummers Community Contest, this time on its Facebook profile. Further information will follow soon …

Drummers Community

Online Drummer Community is located on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter where Golden Drum shares its “special” content, not available anywhere else. On Youtube GoldenDrumFestival profile Drummers can find the Official TV advertisement for this year’s Golden Drum… At our Facebook GoldenDrumFestival profile Golden Drum posts something new every day. Check out Golden Drum’s fun mini competitions named Creative Friday Contest, where Drummers are invited to show us their creativity and become Golden Drum’s Creative fan of the Week. And last but not least, our Twitter Golden Drummer channel is always up-to-date with the current issues and offers fastest possible interaction between Drummers.

Golden Drummers

In the course of years since Golden Drum started drumming, calling great minds from all over New Europe, Drummers were always there to shape and carry its message. You, our dear Golden Drummers, are our “raison d’être” why Golden Drum does what it does and why it’s so damn good at it! You helped us shape its image, its experience and its friendly note.

Drummers are unique persons, who don’t satisfy themselves with average, everyday, just-so-we-meet-the-deadline kind of answers. Drummers strive for more. More creativity, higher standards, mind boggling solutions and unique, new thinking. And of course, being recognized as the best at what they do!

Drummers meet in person at least once a year at the Golden Drum Festival, but they also contribute to online Drummers Community on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. There, Drummers discuss hot issues, share their views and build friendships that last for life.

We invite Drummers to join us at this year’s Golden Drum Festival, visit our Facebook, Youtube and Twitter profiles and help us shape our future.

Bucuresti, 06.09.2011

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