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Fun Facts about SEO

Though often referred to as one of the most complicated topics to master, SEO can actually be a lot of fun. The only thing you need to do in order for SEO to become interesting is change your point of view. Namely, every topic has something interesting related to it, and learning in the fun way often opens the doors to learning in a more serous way as well. So, in order to really get to know SEO techniques, you should first realize that you will never learn anything if you take it too seriously. Relax, put a smile on your face, and keep reading!

Remember the Times When SEO Was Simple

You might have a hard time remembering this moment, as it appears that SEO has never been simple. Unless you go two decades back into the time when the first website was published, simplifying SEO might be impossible.

The first website that has seen the light of the day,, certainly did not have fierce competitors breathing down its neck. You can rest assure that they didn’t have problems with keywords, keyword density, meta tags, and so forth. Can you imagine that today when there is an indefinite number of websites, each fighting for its set of keywords – and this set often happens to be the same set of keywords that is used by a large number of its competitor sites?


SEO Is Hiding in Every Corner of the World (Wide Web)

Yes, SEO is your best friend you will ever have on the Internet. It knows all the right people, and if you form a nice friendly relationship with this fellow, you stand a chance of succeeding in what you do. The interesting fact is that 93% of all Internet searches start from search engines, and here is where SEO is supposed to shine in all of its glory. With good SEO, your content might get noticed. And if your content gets noticed, you stand a good chance of making it in the online world.

What Happens if You Are Penalized by Google?

As opposed to making it big, it can also happen that Google, or any other search engine, decides to penalize you. If this happens, your website will be either severely punished by being pushed way down in the Google sandbox, or it can also be completely banned by Google. This is basically what we can call a ‘game over’ situation, because not being visible in search engine results is just the same as not publishing a website at all.

SEO Is Fun, But Not a Joke

Reading fun statistics and finding unusual, yet interesting ways of mastering SEO basics is highly acceptable, whereas turning this fun experience into pure fun is not. No matter how fun and simple SEO can be on the one hand, it is still a very serious topic on the other hand, and it should not be taken lightly. Not everything can be simplified, or turned into an amusing fact. So, keep a close watch on not having too much fun with SEO in order not to make a joke out of your content.


Abhishek writes entensively about SEO. He owns a SEO firm in the pink city of Jaipur and works with clients around the world. In his spare time, he like climbing mountains and going on a cruise.


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