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Flexicourses™ – training programmes in times of crisis

New training programmes launched

With serious budget cuts and limited time availability, a local company has launched a new training and developmental solution on the Romanian market – SDI® Flexicourses™.

Flexicourses™ are an innovative open course method for developing people in short, bite-size skills sessions.

Even in times of Crisis, as previously stated by numerous business people in all over the world, companies can’t afford to ignore the need for employee satisfaction and development. They simply need to re-address their priorities and make informed, cost-effective choices.

“We have no doubt that a large number of companies will find benefits in our Flexicourses. Not only they save you time and money, but the practical models used guarantee immediate results back in the workplace. More so, there is a large choice of skills solutions, ranging from programmes for Leadership in times of crisis to Time management training.” – Oliver Perkins, Managing Director – Brainovate.

Flexicourses are build around the powerful SDI® – Strength Deployment Inventory® tool, exclusively used by Brainovate in Romania.

After attending the SDI® Communication – morning seminar, participants are free to join any of the afternoon skills sessions: High impact presentation skills; Feedback and delegation; Leadership in times of crisis; Coaching for high performance; Time management principles; How to manage conflict; Professional assistant; Negotiating and influencing skills.

Flexicourses™ are fun, interactive and memorable programmes and their advocates claim they really make a difference when times are tough.

What is the SDI®?

* Any organization where individuals must work together towards shared goals will find value in the SDI®. As an invaluable profiling tool, participants gain insight into – and control over – the strengths they already have. Unlike other personality assessments, the SDI® identifies the motivation behind behavior – answering “why” individuals act the way they do and how to be more flexible in their approach.

* This dynamic and powerful questionnaire based tool has proven its value in areas such as communication skills, conflict management, leadership development, change management, organizational culture, coaching, project management, team building, time management, sales and negotiation skills, customer care, to name a few.

Within hours participants will not only benefit from a better understanding of their own motivations, reasons that guide their behavior and communication and conflict styles, but they will also be able to implement communication bridges with other people.

Bucuresti, 03.02.2009

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