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Dead(Lines) Or Award(Ed)

„Advertising festivals like the Golden Drum are the absolute lifeblood of our business, and I’m sure they’ll never disappear from our industry. Awards are how we creative people measure our success and gain peer approval – it’s how our careers move forward, simple as that. And coming to shows like this inspires us, too – we all know that feeling of coming away from an awards show, usually empty-handed, and furiously determined to do better next year,“ said Adrian Holmes, Executive Creative Director of Young & Rubicam EMEA, president of the film, press, outdoor and radio jury in the interview for the Slovenian Marketing Magazin. (if you are interested to read or publish his interview, let me know. I will send it to you. It is so well written!!!)

Those who want to measure their success are anxious now to submit everything good they have prepared for the market in the last year in order to compete at the Golden Drum and later (possibly) for The Cup.


Golden Drum Competitions:

September 1: Groups F (Interactive), G (Media), H (PR) and W (Advertising campaigns)
September 6: Groups A (Film: TV, Promo, Internet), B (Press), C (Outdoor), D (Radio) and E (Design & Art Direction)

Off Drum Competitions

August 27: PPPA – Portoroz Piran Genius Loci
September 22: Innovative Marketing for Green Tourism

Journalist accreditation request:

September 20
For the press accreditation we need to receive the following:
· If you work for a print publication, please submit a copy of your current press ID card and a recent bylined article with copy of the editorial page.
· If you work for a TV or radio station, please submit a copy of your current press ID card and a letter (on company headed paper) confirming your position and detailed intended coverage of the Festival.
· If you work for an online service, please send us your company’s website address and direct urls/hyperlinks to articles you have recently written.

Please forward your proof of press either by email, fax or post to the address/number below: Festfest, Parmova 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Fax: +386 5 992 01 03, E-mail:

All about awards to be won this year at the next page:


Advertising creatives have only a few things to look forward to in life… awards! At Golden Drum they can win many – with just a little help of a great idea, strategy and execution. There are many novelties this year.

The world’s 1st advertising pentathlon – 5 possible awards with 1 single entry

Golden Drum wouldn’t hold a title for one of the most innovative advertising festivals if it wouldn’t introduce another great novelty… Every entry in Golden Drum 2010 New European competition will compete five times:
1. In their respective categories and competition groups entries compete for final selection (shortlist), Silver and Golden Drums and eventually the Grand Prix.
2. All shortlisted entries will be judged by special clients’ jury for BEST ACT AWARD, recognizing superior ideas that make us change the way we think, feel or even behave, thus rewarding the power of creativity to transform human behavior.
3. Best ranked entries in product and services categories compete for ten GOLDEN DRUM BRAND GRAND PRIX, regardless of media (more about it in the other link).
4. Every point by Golden Drum juries counts for the PORTOROŽ GOLDEN ROSE, the most prestigious Golden Drum title for best New European advertising or PR agency, and for the GOLDEN NET, the best New European international agency network.
5. All Golden Drum finalists* are invited in the Intercontinental Advertising Cup Selection competing for 38 steel Cups and one Grand Cup.

Golden Drum Regional awards – Best in Adriatic and in Baltic region

· Award for the best agency of the Adriatic region that obtain the highest score for entries in the competition from: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Slovenia and Serbia.
· Award for the best agency of the Baltic region that obtains the highest score for entries in the competition from: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Brand Grand Prix Awards

Golden Drum announces 10 NEW Brand Grand Prix Awards in 10 product and services categories regardless of media. In addition to Silver, Gold and Grand Prix awards in 9 Golden Drum groups (Film, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Design & Art Direction, Interactive, Media, PR and Advertising Campaigns) and its 61 categories, Golden Drum introduces 10 new Brand Grand Prix awards in product and services categories, regardless of media.

1. Food and beverages
2. Personal care, health, fashion, cosmetics, luxury goods
3. Sport, entertainment, recreation, leisure
4. Cars, other vehicles and accessories
5. Travel, tourism and transport
6. Household products and maintenance, furnishing and accessories
7. Communication, publications and electronic media
8. Retail
9. Corporate and financial
10. Public services and social engagements.

All entries in all Golden Drum 2010 competitions will also be judged without additional fee for the Golden Drum Brand Grand Prix awards. All finalists from all 9 Golden Drum groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, W) and categories must be judged and marked with points. With computerized calculation all marks will be united in 10 new brand categories regardless of media. Presidents of 9 groups or their deputies (more about the juries in the other side) will decide who the winners in 10 brand categories are. The best entry from each of the 10 brand categories will receive the Brand Grand Prix award.

Independence Award

Independent Agency that will obtain the highest score for entries in the competitions will be awarded as Golden Drum best independent agency of the year.

Off Drum Competition – Portorož Piran Genius Loci for 5.000 EUR

Express PORTOROŽ PIRAN GENIUS LOCI that can be used as a poster or a cover page of publication – and win 5.000 EUR! Deadline for the solutions is August 27.

BRIEF: What is and where is hidden the secret of the very special PORTOROŽ PIRAN GENIUS LOCI? Dreams and memories, fantasies and philosophy welcome.

Off Drum Competition – Innovative Marketing for Green Tourism

There is a pitch for by the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia. Their set of challenges can be found here and below. Deadline for the solutions is September 22. Winning projects will be awarded and presented on October 7 at Golden Drum.

· Challenge 1: Kompas Novo mesto
Award: Organization of an unforgettable day on the river Krka (for 30 people) and/or 5-day package in the Dolenjska cottage (4 people)
· Challenge 2: Vivo Catering
Award: Dinner served (8 people) according to the protocol for British Queen Elizabeth II.
· Challenge 3: Bohinj Park EKO Hotel
Award: Rich weekend package for two people at Bohinj Park EKO Hotel
· Challenge 4:
Award: Participation in a photography workshop, worth 300 EUR
· Challenge 5: Thermana Laško
Award: Rich weekend package for two people at Hotel Wellness Park Laško
Those who want to collaborate in the listed challenges go to //

The Cup – the affirmation of locally inspired creativity

Even better than winning at the second biggest European advertising festival is winning at the inter-continental festival. And Golden Drum is the last chance for creative agencies and people to win at it this year…

Intercontinental Advertising Cup is collecting finalists from Asia Pacific’s ADFEST, Ibero-American FIAP, Art Director’s Club of Europe ADC*E and New European Golden Drum. All Golden Drum finalists* are invited in the Intercontinental Advertising Cup Selection competing for 38 steel Cups and one Grand Cup.



Adrian Holmes, Executive Creative Director, Y&R EMEA – president of the jury
Mag. Eduard Böhler, Creative Director, Wien Nord, Austria
Rasto Michalik, Creative Director and Partner, MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovakia
Karpat Polat, President, Creative Director, DDB&Co Istanbul, TURKEY
Vasily Lebedev, Creative Director at Red Keds Creative Agency, Russia
Mike Haas, Media consultant, Senior partner, The BCI Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Eda Kauba, Chief Creative Officer of Euro RSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Péter Tihanyi, Creative Director, ACG Advertising Agency, Hungary
Carl Le Blond, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Group Russia


Olivier Altmann, Chief Creative Officer Publicis Worldwide– president of the jury
Wojciech Dagiel, Creative Director, McCann Erickson, Poland
Aljoša Bagola, Creative Director and Head of Advertising, Pristop, Slovenia
Lucian Georgescu, Managing Partner GAV, Romania
Bechara Mouzannar, Regional Executive Creative Director for Leo Burnett MENA


Yonathan Dominitz, founder of Mindscapes, Israel – president of the jury
Dr. Giovanni Lunghi, University of Udine, EFCCE
Steve Vranakis, Creative Director, Partner VCCP, UK
Alexander Komarov, CEO Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, GroupM
Nenad Lozovic, Managing Partner, New Moment New Ideas Company / Y&R, Bulgaria


Bram de Rooij, Creative Director, Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, The Netherlands – president of the jury
Jan Pautsch, Creative Director, argonauten G2, Berlin, Germany
Tomas Schmid, Creative Director, Friendly Fire Communications, Austria
Tadej Zajšek, Founding Partner, Executive Creative Director,, Slovenia


Roger Kennedy, Creative Director of Art and Design, Saatchi & Saatchi, EMEA – president of the jury
Dejan Bojović, Group Creative Director, Leo Burnett Beograd, Serbia
Michael Weinzettl, Editor-in-chief, Lürzer’s Archive, Germany


Eliza Rogalski, Managing Partner of Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations, Romania – president of the jury
Carola Purtscher, Managing Director, kobza integrapublic relations & lobbying GmbH, Austria
Dejan Verčič, PhD, founder of Pristop agency and Associate Professor of Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana
Vlad Bystrov, Strategic Planning Director, Bison & Rose, Prague
Ulrich Proeschel, Brand Director Europe, TBWA, Germany


Paul Jackson, Board Member World Federation of Advertisers – president of the jury
Philip Hans List, Head of Group Marketing, Erste Group Bank AG
Andrew Hammett, Global Advertising Development Department CEEMEA, Procter & Gamble, Germany

(*Gold winners are included automatically, other finalists with a small service fee.)

Bucuresti, 20.08.2010

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