In a constantly changing world where events across the globe and across the country have an impact close to home, the consumer’s connection to that world through news coverage has never been stronger. Cable’s all-news networks have never been as powerful as they are right now, drawing 62 percent of all television news viewership.1 The consumer’s use of news Web sites has exploded, particularly at work.2 And news brands are stronger and reaching more people than ever. In fact, the CNN brand reaches almost 107 million U.S. viewers and Web users alone each month.3 Month after month, year after year, at home and away from home, more Americans tune to CNN than to any other news channel.4


CNN is the largest, most trusted, most honored, and most watched news network. From 1997 to the present, a full seven years, CNN ranks in the top 2 percent of North American brands, as defined by the Y&R Brand Asset Valuator. CNN’s relationship with a community of people who value quality journalism and credible news coverage, 24/7, has grown and deepened over time as news and the CNN brand have become a part of this community’s life, every day, year after year.

CNN gathers the best and brightest television journalists of our time and supports them with the world’s largest newsgathering operation: 37 bureaus worldwide. For more than a decade, CNN has consistently been rated as the most believable news source.5 Opinion leaders and influentials find CNN most credible.6 CNN is top rated on the most complete coverage, best quality, exclusive news stories, breaking news, and live coverage.

In addition, CNN has been recognized for journalistic excellence by the most prestigious journalistic organizations, capturing top prizes from groups such as the National Headliner Awards and the Overseas Press Club of America for its coverage of the major news stories of 2003. In the first three months of 2004, CNN earned 28 awards, about four times that of all the other cable news networks combined.


Over 24 years ago, CNN invented worldwide real-time reporting and changed the face of news, especially TV news, redefining what connection to news means.

Always on the lookout for the next frontier and the next opportunity to grow, in 1980, media legend Ted Turner launched Cable News Network, the world’s first 24-hour news network. In subsequent years, viewers came to value CNN’s unique offer of 24/7, in-depth, instantaneous connection to the news — a relationship that wasn’t limited to an early-evening broadcast or to quick updates on breaking news. As CNN grew, it gained the respect of journalists and consumers alike, with its landmark coverage of the Tiananmen Square riots, the fall of the Berlin Wall, presidential elections, and the first and second Gulf Wars. Along the way, CNN won Peabody Awards, Emmys, and every other major television news award.

Today, CNN’s connection with audiences is deeper and more powerful than ever, touching more people in more places through more distribution platforms than any other news organization. CNN-branded news and information content, distributed in- and out-of-home, on broadcast and unwired networks, radio, Web sites and wireless distribution platforms, has the potential to reach 1.7 billion people daily around the world.8  

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