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CA Technologies Accelerates Business Service Provisioning

with Latest Release of CA Automation Suite for Data Centers

Solution Helps Enterprises and Service Providers to Deliver Complete Business Services with Agility and Efficiency

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced a new release of CA Automation Suite for Data Centers that enables enterprises and service providers to create complete business services in an automated, repeatable, and reliable manner.

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The ability for customers to shift focus from provisioning individual data center components to provisioning complex multi-tier applications and their supporting infrastructure in a minimal number of steps helps improve agility and efficiency.

“Businesses are demanding the delivery of new, innovative and cost-effective services at a fast pace,” said Mike Sargent, general manager, Enterprise Management, CA Technologies. “In the fluid world of virtualization and cloud computing, CA Automation Suite for Data Centers’ ability to rapidly provision an entire end-to-end IT service helps IT teams accelerate the time-to-bottom-line-impact of their innovative services.”

CA Automation Suite for Data Centers also helps customers to:
• Share and provision multi-system business services across different platforms and locations with just a few clicks;
• Simplify middleware and application provisioning in dynamic environments;
• Model multi-tiered applications, including their underlying infrastructure; and
• Deploy services on VMware vSphere and CA AppLogic grids as a single logical entity.

“The new business service provisioning capabilities in CA Automation Suite for Data Centers align perfectly and support our goal of speeding new features, applications and services into production. The ability to deploy multiple components of an application, such as Microsoft SharePoint, the underlying operating system and required IT infrastructure onto one or more systems in a single end user step will save our IT staff from having to implement one-off processes by building custom workflows and scripts,” said Lisa Huston, senior manager, Platforms, Raymond James. “This capability linked to the integrated self-service reservation management system, as well as the built-in support for our storage and hypervisor environments, such as VMware and Citrix, will enable our users to reserve and provision the full application stack and resources they need in just a few clicks.”

According to a new Forrester study*, “Attempts to more effectively manage this [IT] complexity are leading to a more comprehensive model for automation that extends beyond simple tasks and into more complex processes and decision analytics.” The study states further that, “Technology solutions that fulfill the needs of this improved model are becoming more popular. There is an increasing need to incorporate tools that can stitch together task execution tools and enforce some discipline in process execution.”

For more information about how CA Automation Suite for Data Centers enables customers to dynamically deploy and elastically scale IT services to help minimize risk and make the best possible use of their existing IT investments, please visit:

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Solution Demo
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Blog: Easier Provisioning of Customized Business Services

* New Business Services Mandate IT Automation, September 2012, was commissioned by CA Technologies study and conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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