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»Brands have the power and the money to change the world«

First day of the Festival impressed the Golden Drum delegates

Excellent lectures, great creative works and extraordinary atmosphere are the result of the first festival day of the 24th Golden Drum. International Festival of Creativity in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will offer an interesting program until Friday evening.

»Creatives and Creative Directors must step out of their comfort zone«, said Ioana Filip, Executive Creative Director, MRM//McCann Romania at the opening speech and added: »Brands have the power and the money to change the world«.

Golden Drum 2017 day 1, Photo Ziga Intihar 142

The need to understand the Millennials and listen to them was highlighted by Daniel Bukumirović and Maša Milutinović from VICE Serbia. Moreover, they appeal to them to trust in themselves, to be courageous and to speak out loud even if they are afraid. They explained that Millennials are not selfish, they are just trying to cope with their situation. They are questioning everything and they want to work smart, not hard.

Founder and CEO of Space10 Denmark, Carla Cammilla Hjort, lives her professional fairytale and advises everyone to focus their work in the things where they feel passion and joy. Fabian Roser, DDB, Germany, believes that women are stealing the future of our creative industry.

»Every agency has its tribe and in tribes everyone builds the culture. Every agency has swag, to show what culture means for them. Swag is to show how things work, is emotional and functional. It is the way of making and breathing things. It’s the agency’s bible. It’s to have an attitude«, Alemsah Ozturk, CEO / Chief Happiness Officer, 4129Grey and Chief Digital Officer, Grey EMEA, Turkey, concluded the first day of the Festival.

Today’s Festival stage will host remarkable experts, among them are Marco Cremona, Google, United Kingdom and Christian Flodén, Spotify, Sweden.

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Photo Ziga Intihar

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