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Brandient design awarded in Tokyo

Cristian Petre and Adrian Stanculet recognized in most important global packaging design competition

Pentawards, the most important international competition exclusively dedicated to packaging design, awarded Brandient with the Silver prize in the Food category at its 2014 edition, for the Übernuts packaging design.

The bold, lively Übernuts design—that earlier this year won a Graphis Award—bears the signature of Cristian Petre and Adrian Stanculet, Brandient Design Directors.

“We’re Easterners – Eastern Europeans to be more precise, but our clients are also from Middle East or from Southeast Asia. That means two things.

Firstly, it means that we have to work twice as hard, as the general design landscape is not so sophisticated. In such emergent markets design is still — as far as the business class perceives it — in a perpetual pioneering stage. It’s not easy, but somebody has to do it. Somebody tough.

Secondly, it means that our work has a lot of impact. We are not in the design industry, but in the civilizing, sanitizing industry. We’re mopping up the past and cleaning up the place, the culture, the businesses, step by step. From large state-owned enterprises to small FMCG products like Übernuts. Sometimes this means painting a smile on the face of a society still in a difficult situation, in need of a better day.

What I’m trying to say, is: we feel that our work is important. Our role is more than it meets the eye. We’re agents of social and economic change.” — Cristian Petre, Brandient Design Director

We feel elated that international competitions like Pentawards are recognizing Brandient’s design, and this counts as an additional validation of our work. Brandient was previously awarded at Pentawards for Zuzu (2007), Papane (2009) and Cuculand (2010).

Singapore / Bucuresti, 13.10.2014
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