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Bathroom Intruder is Vanquished by Gio Compario in Latest GoCompare Advert

Yellow Boat Music rearranges signature song for new TV spot

It seems that nowhere is safe from Monster Bill. The money-gobbling creature is back – this time terrorising people from their bathtub. Luckily, moustachioed singing icon Gio Compario is on hand to save the day.

Following GoCompare’s successful debut of the CGI ‘Monster Bill’ character, the third instalment of the campaign focuses on GoCompare’s energy comparison service.

Bathroom Intruder is Vanquished by Gio Compario in Latest GoCompare Advert

In ‘Bathroom Bill’, the couple are being ‘driven bananas’ by the bathroom intruder. As the music and tension escalate, Monster Bill grows fatter and fatter gorging on the couple’s money. The menace finally meets his match when Gio salvages the situation using GoCompare’s free and totally unbiased comparison services.

The spot, created by GoCompare with creative duo Chris and Siân Wilkins, builds on Yellow Boat Music’s partnership with the comparison site. The music production experts have delivered a bespoke soundtrack for each of GoCompare’s iconic TV campaigns. This latest instalment includes a custom piece composed and arranged by Paul Cartledge and Philip Jewson, who saw the project through from the onset of the production process right through to completion.

‘Bathroom Bill’ called for the team to compose a fresh underscore and arrangement of the new salsa-inspired ending to underpin Wynne Evans’ vocals.

‘Bathroom Bill’ is available to view online at;


Brand: GoCompare
Head of Brand and Broadcast: Nicholas Hall
Brand and Advertising Manager: Dai Lewis
Head of Design: Ian Campodonic
Creative Directors: Chris Wilkins and Siân Wilkins
Executive Producer: Serena Freeman
Production Company: Production International Film Network
Director: Graham Rose
Director of Photography: Clive Tickner
Post Production: Framestore
Music Production Company: Yellow Boat Music
Recording: Paul Cartledge and Philip Jewson
Executive Producer: Paul Cartledge and Philip Jewson
Arranger: Philip Jewson

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