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Adrian Botan and Claudiu Dobrita as guest speakers

at Golden Drum

The Program is revealed! The Call for Entry is out! And everything that you still didn’t know about the Creative Academy? It’s all here!

Creative Academy
This year the Creative Academy with host five large advertising and media networks: McCann WorldGroup, Publicis Group, Grey Group, TBWA Networks and Omnicom Media Group. TBWA\EUROPE – ‘Living in a Media Arts World’
Media Arts is best described as the “Art of Brand Behaviour.” The old saying “Actions speak louder than words” has never been truer. To see the world as an ever-increasing landscape of more and more media channels is to miss the bigger point: we aren’t in the middle of a channel revolution we are in the middle of a behavioural revolution. We interact differently. We discover differently. We trust differently. We expect differently. We are no longer passive recipients – we are highly engaged participants. As a result, brands have to think of themselves as being more akin to content/media brands than ever before…where they choose to be and how they choose to be there is much more important than the “single minded message” ever was.

OMD – ‘New Stars in Media Games’
OMD, the world’s largest Media Agency, is proud to sponsor the Golden Drum session on the future of media communications. To start the session, Ian Clarke, CEO of OMD CEE, will outline the challenges and successes of encouraging innovation in media. Damian Blackden, President of OMD Digital, will then host a keynote roundtable discussion. Leading players in digital media will debate how digital is changing the roles and rules of media. The session will conclude with Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile operator, providing important insight into the emergence and future importance of mobile media communications.

Call for Entry
The deadline for submitting entries for the competition and for personal attendance is 4 September.

Ljubljana, 13.06.2008

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