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90 % of brands budget still goes to paid media

The second day of Golden Drum Festival left the mark on delegates

The drums are drumming in Ljubljana. The Grand Hotel Union is hosting a three-day international festival of creativity 24th Golden Drum. Festival brought excellent speakers who shared their opinions, know-how and experience with delegates.

Second day started in a search of women in creative leadership. Three outstanding women Inken Rohweder, Collette Wasielewski and Lorna Hawtin were sharing their experiences and challenges they faced in their career. Inken pointed out: “It starts when women come to the workplace. You tell women not to lose and you tell men to win.”

Golden Drum 2017, Inken Rohweder, Collette Wasielewski and Lorna Haw

Sari Heinilä, McCann, Finland, encouraged delegates to change complexity into simplicity while building culture within a creative organization and while leading creative people. She explained that people are staying people while tools to reach a certain goal are changing. Believing and trusting in your people is the most crucial point. “Even if you think you have a diamond in your hands – include others – it will create an even bigger diamond,” said Sari.

Delegates were also inspired by Marco Cremona, Creative Lead Russia & SSA, Google, United Kingdom. As he explained, humans have shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones. If before our attention was 12 seconds, now dropped to 8 second but there is still opportunity to gain people’s interest: “Back in my time we had TV, radio and the paper which I saw as 3 colored pencils. Now is a brilliant time to create, because these colored pencils multiplied.” Moreover, we also must be aware how many massages our target audience is ready to consume. He advises to focus only on one important message.

Fernando Vega Olmos, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Picnic Madrid, Spain, emphasized that the first thing to change is our crazy obsession with paid media. 90 % of brands budgets still go to paid media. By paid media we are emphasising what the brand says, while with owned media we are communicating what the brand does and with earned media what the brand inspires. By focusing on paid media, we have greater control over our brand but credibility is lower in comparison to owned media. Therefore, he is convinced that brands should focus more on their owned media and support them with paid ones. But before brands develop owned media strategy they must be clear on why they exist and what is their purpose.

Yesterday’s festival stage hosted also Christian Flodén, Spotify, Sweden, Ulrich Proeschel, TBWA\Worldwide, Germany, Cüneyt Devrim, Project House HAVAS Istanbul, Turkey, and Emma Wilkie, The Gunn Report, UK.

Today’s festival stage will again host remarkable names, among them Daniele Fiandaca, Alberto Mattiello, Michael Conrad and Bruno Bertelli. The highlight of the Festival will be tonight, where we will meet the Golden Drum winners and close the 24th Golden Drum Festival with the final party.

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