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19th International Advertising Festival of New Europe

Golden Drum second day

19th International Advertising Festival Golden Drum continues to drum in the Portorož sun as the Multi Channel Jury announced the final shortlists in groups R-W and the Piran Portorož Poster Award Jury announced the finalists of the Off Drum Competition. Tomorrow evening at the Golden Drum Single Channel Awards Ceremony, the Silver Drum, Golden Drum, Grand Prix in Single Channel and Virtuoso Award winners will be known. Today’s program started with the festival’s first New Agenda Session: Left to our own devices, continued with Creative Academies by networks DDB and Y&R and agency Wieden+Kennedy and finished with inspiring Labs, lectures and screenings.

Finalists are announced on Golden Drum’s website:

Golden Drum’s Program

The morning session was about new business models that companies are using while adapting the new economic and technical situation. Trevania Henderson is running a company called The Marketing Department in Boston – and she is the company. She believes it is not possible to keep all creative talents in house all the time on a fixed salary. After all, one loses a business when the competitor offers equal or lower price. She has a network of individuals, specialists that evolve and adapt together. She quoted the famous Sir John Hegarty, the founder of BBH, who said that now he would make a Club of creatives, not an agency. Her aspirations are not global; she wants to make money for herself and for entrepreneurial co-workers. There is no bureaucracy and costs that go with it in her model and after the first period of adapting to the new situation the time of reaction is much shorter. Her model lives very well next to traditional models: traditional agencies are one half of her clients.

The Romanian Simona Dan continued her long career in communication agencies by opening her own: planBee. Her model is imitating the form of honeycombs and her rules are that every partner has to be a specialist in some area, that all the clients are to be treated equal and that she is there for the relationship not the fame. Her partners at work are thus more entrepreneurial, hardworking bees not waiting for retirement at their job. Clients get the honey and she gets more money than ever before.

Leo Rayman, international strategic planner in agency adam&eve DDB, UK, has in his introduction stated that he is often ashamed to be a part of the industry that bothers others. He believes that we should transform the word advertising in add-vertising, so that people working there would contribute and add to the world and people’s lives. He gave the audience many cases where technology improves lives, for instance for diabetics.

Craig Markus also left top position in traditional agencies to create her own, Rage, Grace & Partners. He notices that agencies and clients are bullshiting a lot; while the informed consumers are avoiding them more and more. While creating his model he noticed that successful individuals (and companies) are following their rage to create something they believe in, but they don’t forget the grace. Truth is the future, vulnerability is gold and honesty is trending up, he said.

Four Weddings and a Funeral, a lecture by Désirée Maurd, Creative Director PR and Jacob Åström, Founder, Creative Director and Art Director of Dear Future from Stockholm, Sweden, started with music. And not just any music. It started with the theme song of a famous film after which they named their lecture. Speakers introduced their company’s style of marrying »old« and new internet tools, for example The Guestbook and Twitter, Homepage and overload, as some kind of digital innovation through nostalgia. A point was made about a possible future funeral of internet because of Facebook, who is, as they say, actually becoming the internet itself.

Golden Drum and Tracks & Fields Opening Party

Second party of the Festival by Tracks & Fields and Golden Drum started at the Paprika Club in Portorož. Musically, the party will be headed by DJ Dennis Concorde, resident in some of the most prominent clubs in Berlin like SAGE CLUB, MAGNET CLUB, ASTRA and MONARCH. Dennis is crazy about music, just as music is crazy about him. Being a booker for over 10 years for various German bands he started Dj-ing over 5 years ago. The musical programme was completed by a live showcase by one of the hidden treasures of the Tracks & Fields platform, an upcoming Indielectro band from southern Germany in one of their first live appearances: CLAIRE.

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Portorož / Bucuresti, 04.10.2012

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